Username & Password is reserved for special IP access to the router admin panel. This and other IPs such as,, etc. are accepted unanimously for router IPs worldwide. It is also referred to in the literature as “Default Gateway IP.”

Router Login Procedure

If you’re here, you might be looking for a way to log in to your admin panel router. Just type in the address bar of your browser: (click here if it doesn’t work). Next, enter your modem’s username & password. Click here if you don’t remember it.

Router Company List Using

Not all routers are identical. There are even differences between different company models. These firms use as an IP login.


List of Possible Username & Password

We concluded after extensive analysis that these router manufacturers presented below use as router login IP. Your router company is also very likely to be listed among them. To view router models, router setup & configuration manuals and more, simply click the company name.




D-Link (none) admin
(none) private
(none) public
admin (none)
admin admin doesn’t work!

You may not know, but the case is that your machine uses the current default login IP from within your device. Simply select your device / operating system and follow instructions.

Router IP in macOS, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android, Chrome OS

Router Admin Panel IPs List

Using you tried to log in to your router, but an error occurs that means you are using a wrong IP. In this case, it is recommended that you see other likely IPs used occasionally by your router company. To find yours, simply select your company below!

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