With two choices Netgear router setup is achievable

By means of Netgear Genie interface.

By means of the Smart Wizard client interface

Both methods are really simple to understand & trouble-free to do. In this article we will converse both methods one after the other.

With Smart Wizard how to configure NETGEAR Router?

To configure your Netgear router with Smart Wizard Follow a simple bit by bit example:

Thru Ethernet port Connect your PC & Router injected in any of the four available LAN ports at the rear of the router.

Then, thru Ethernet cable once more link your router to the modem.

Rebooting each & every device included such as the PC, routers, & cable/ broadband modem.

After completion of the rebooting pause until they all get prepared to be used.

Introduce your desired web browser & visit IP address of the router that is either or

You may find the login Netgear router webpage.

Put in the login ids, the default password is ‘password’ & username is ‘admin’ (utilize your login ids if you had altered these).

Bear in mind: Write the values cautiously as the login ids are case sensitive.

Click & locate on the heading “Setup Wizard” in the Left Panel.

A wizard screen Setup will pop up.

For sensing the “Internet Type” a smart wizard may request your approval you have, press yes & press ‘Next’.

Now the smart wizard may request if he may sense the “dynamic IP”, press ‘Yes’.

Moving again to the left panel & locating the Maintenance segment.

Under the ‘Maintenance segment’ press on ‘Router Status’.

Under the ‘Internet Port’ segment verify the field value of ‘IP addresses’.

If you are receiving a sound IP which indicates you are properly linked to the internet & you have finished successfully the setup of Netgear router.

With Netgear Genie user interface way to configure Netgear Router?

This segment will aid you in configuring your NETGEAR router for broadband/ cable internet connections. Let’s step by step learn the method:

Thru Ethernet cable link you’re Modem to the router

Connecting a PC to Router thru Ethernet cable by means of LAN port on Routers.

Start again all the machines i.e. modem, PC, router, & halt until you view steady beams on the modem.

Furthermore again stitch on the router.

Open the browser & visit or to find login webpage Netgear router.

Write in the login ids (verify the same segment in the top- chatted method). Mind it the login ids are case-sensitive.

In the left panel press Advanced > Setup Wizard.

Choose ‘Yes’ & press ‘Next’. (While Genie may inquire to identify your networks internet type & IP).

The whole procedure will operate by itself, sit back & hang around for the completion notification.

When the setup procedure gets finished the Congratulations webpage shows.

Press on the “navigate to the Internet’ selection to cross verify your efforts.

Netgear professionals ‘ crew is obtainable at ChatFor for any additional assistance with Netgear router setups.

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