The R6700 NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Smart Router Wi-Fi offers joint Wi-Fi connections at 2.4 GHz 802 .11n speed around 450 Mbps & at 5 GHz 802.11ac 1300 Mbps2. The R6700 NETGEAR Nighthawk is ideal for bandwidth events for example gaming & video streaming, run by a 1 GHz dual-core processor. The router includes High- driven amps with antennas offering Wi-Fi reach anyplace around your home. Nighthawk performs downstream QoS for continuous High Definition flooding media that prioritize & identifies flowing traffic thru websites such as YouTube, Hulu Plus, & Netflix.



The R6700NETGEAR Nighthawk offers quick central storing, backup, & flowing to all Wi-Fi devices in your home with the USB 3.0 ports that is ten times quicker than 2.0 USB. To Share content through your networks turn out to be simple whether you are wirelessly printing or retrieving saved music & photos. You may flood your saved media files anyplace on the networks to DLNA screen. DLNA screen aids you in data sharing over a house networks. Ready SHARE NETGEAR Vault app lets you to keep a backup of your Windows PC to a hard drive USB linked to Nighthawk.


Speed: You will get a delay-free & fast Wi-Fi experience for online games, web surfing & video streaming with the R6700 NETGEAR Nighthawk.

Wi-Fi Extent: The R6700 NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Router Wi-Fi offers Wi-Fi range & coverage no matter wherever your connection in your house.

Comfort of Use: You may begin appreciating your latest device sooner than ever with the R6700 NETGEAR Nighthawk. It ensures that management & installation are very simple, so you can quickly connect & ensure you continue that way.

Security: You will get high security throughout your networks to aid safeguard your secrecy & family is secure when online with the R6700 NETGEAR Nighthawk. It also stops phishing & you may also have limited access for guests & kids by setting up Parent Controls.

Sharing: With R6700 NETGEAR you will share content throughout your networks is easy & fun. You may also keep it secure by using the involved Ready SHARE Vault app for back up Windows-based computers. You may back-up by means of Apple Time Machine for Mac OS clients.



You get connected to the NETGEAR Nighthawk Wi-Fi networks router’s or exercise wired Ethernet connections. If you launch your desktop or laptop to use a fixed IP address, alter the setting so that it utilities DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. By one of the below processes you will set up the R6700 NETGEAR Nighthawk routers:

Wired connections

With an Ethernet cable Connect your PC to the router. Ensure that power LED of the router’s is lit.

On the computer connect an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet ports. Connecting the last end of the Ethernet cables on the routers.

Connecting your PC to the local area networks & a notice will show on the PC screen to inform that an Ethernet cable is linked.

Wi-Fi connections

Ensure the power LED of the router is lit. Find & choose the Wi-Fi networks on your device.

On the router’s make the Wi-Fi networks name is always revealed.

You require joining the Wi-Fi networks & write the Wi-Fi PW that is even stated on the router’s make. Automatically this will join your machine to the Wi-Fi networks.


The routers Automatic setup

Firstly, ensure that the router is switched on.

With an Ethernet cable link you’re PC or the Wi-Fi tool.

At the rear of the router the security settings are labelled.

To begin the process of installation Launch a web browser & visit www.routerrloginnet.net.

Automatically this will link the routers to the internet.

In place of having a doubtful common network password & name, each NETGEAR has an unusual network password & name set in it.


How do I improve video flooding functioning with down streaming quality of services on the R6700 Nighthawk router?


Down streaming Quality of Service (QoS) highlights internet traffic via the Internet to the Wi-Fi networks. When you stream Internet videos this aids in providing better performances, for example when you see any online videos. NETGEAR always recommends you to allow down streaming QoS as long as you see & flood Internet videos.


To allow down streaming QoS

From a desktop, laptop, or mobile gadget start an Internet browser which is linked to the internet.

Write routerlogiinnet.com website. This will open a login window.

Write the router password & username. This displays a BASIC Home screen.

Choose ADVANCED & press QoS Setup.

Choose the tab Downstream QoS. The webpage Downstream QoS shows. Choose option Enable Downstream QoS.

Choose the Auto Upgrade checkbox Streaming Database. Automatically the NETGEAR router verifies for updating for the database streaming & downloading and set up them. To video stream thru the Internet traffic the NETGEAR router will allot a high primacy.


How will I update my firmware NETGEAR router?

From a PC or Wi-Fi device start a web browser which is linked to the networks.

Write www.routerrloginnet.net.Write the router password & username.

Choose ADVANCED & then press Administration.

Press Router Update or Firmware Update. The router appears for latest firmware info & shows a note requesting if you wish to install & download it.


How to factory resetting the NETGEAR router?

On the rear of your router find the Reset key.

By use of paper clips click & hold the Reset key for around 25-30 secs.

Free the Reset key & await your router for rebooting. Once your router is done with the factory resetting, the Power light ends to blink & lits strong green. The default factory settings is restored.

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