Find Your Router Login IP in macOS,Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android, & Chrome OS

It is very simple to find the default router IP for connecting to the internet panel of the router. Even though it is mentioned in the router manual, but if you have lost your manual, or if in the past you or anyone else using the same router has changed the IP (yes, router IP can be changed), then select your device / operating system and follow instructions below.

IP of the router in macOS

At the top left of the screen, click on the Apple icon and select System Preferences.

Click on the icon for the network.

Click the Advanced button.

Click the TCP / IP button.

Find data about the IPv4 Subnet Mask and IPv4 Default Gateway.

Click the DNS button.

Find data about the IPv4 DNS server.

Router IP in Windows

Open the Control Panel (view icons), click / tap the Network and Sharing Center icon, right-click / tap the Connections connection for the name of your network profile, and go to step 4 below. (See picture below)

Details click / tap. (See picture below)

The default IP address of the gateway will be on IPv4 Default Gateway’s correct hand side. (See picture below)

Router IP in iPhone/iPad

Open the Settings app on your iPhone / iPad > Under Settings, tap on “Wi-Fi“.

Here you will see the connected Wi-Fi name along with I icon beside it. Tap that icon for additional details of the Wi-Fi network.

At the next screen, you’ll see different IP addresses. What we need to look for is the section that says “Router“. The IP beside this section is the IP address of your router.

Router IP in Android

This technique has been tested with Android 4 on Samsung Galaxy Ace III and Android 5.0.1 on Samsung Galaxy S4. But on other appliances it may not operate.

Go to “Configurations.”

Tap “Wi-Fi” Long tap on the name of your network.

Tap “Configure network modification.”

Set the “Show Advanced Options” checkbox. Switch to “Static” the “IP settings.”

Scroll down to the area called “Gateway.” Gateway IP is the IP address of your router.

Router IP in Chrome OS

Type chrome:/network in the omnibox is one of the simplest ways to discover network data in chrome OS. This will show a list of network occurrences that can be useful for more complex troubleshooting of the network.

In the bottom correct corner of the window, type “CTRL+F” will bring up the find box. If you are searching for network property updated and searching for the latest occurrences, the network characteristics allocated by DHCP are shown below. See below in the figure.

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